Sooranadu Harikumar



Welcome to my musical world!!!!!!   Thank you for visiting my personal site  I am Hari kumar, specialized in Sopanasangeetham  ( is a  form  of  Indian classical music that developed in the temples of Kerala in south India) , Panchavadyam ( literally means an orchestra of five instruments) and Kalamezhuthum pattum (it is a dravidian way of worship).Sopanasangeetham is one of the popular finearts in kerala.A very few artists are there in kerala to perform this art form.Being a temple art,it bears nostalgic feelings of keralites. This is one of the simplest form of arts using a rare musical instrument known as 'idakka'. The vast profound ancient culture of india gets a musical form in Sopanasangeetham.Though the worshipping the God is the main content of the songs,they depicts the simplicity and beauty of indian classical literature such as Ramayana and Mahabharatha.    

                          If one wants to feel the smell and colour of kerala, just experience this musical wonder. This is simply the core and spirit of the great kerala The God's own country