Sooranadu Harikumar









Kalamezhuthum Pattum is a related with padayani. It is a Dravidian way of worship. It is believed that lord Subrahmanya draw the most fearful form of Kaali for the first time. When saw that, Kali asked Lord Shiva , who draw it. Shiva answered Kurup draw this. Even today Bhadrakaali form is drawn using ‘Panchavarnappodi’ (five types of natural colour powders) by members of the caste division, Kurup. Kaali figure thus drawn has sword, Sharp knife, Arrow, bow, Chakram and gada in hands. Number of hands varies as four, eight, sixteen, thirty two, sixty four and so on. Eighteen colour shades are applied in kalamezhuthu, using panchavarnapodi and their rare combinations. Red colour can be created by mixing equal quantities of lime  and turmeric powder. Powdered rice, Vakayila powder, charcoal are used for creating white, green and black colours respectively. There are special and unique regional techniques and calculations for the preparation, the right proportion in colour combination and for deciding the quantity of colour powders to be taken for each Kalam in accordance with their size. The powder is taken in a special way with the thumb and forefinger and is then made fall through the space between fingers to draw the Kalam.